Yamaha "Exup" Sticker Helmet-Sides-Fuel Tank-Tail-Fender

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Yamaha "Exup" Sticker Helmet-Sides-Fuel Tank-Tail-Fender
Color: Black Opaque
  • Opaque
  • Metallized
  • Fluo
  • Glitter
Measure (longest side): 2cm
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Expected delivery between Saturday 13 and Tuesday 16 July.

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We transform the cardboard into supports for the shipment of stickers.

The sticker is created on the spot, if you go back up in fact you can choose the size and color you prefer.

Size and color choice


The sticker is made from a sheet of vinyl of the desired color, cut by a special machine that creates the design with the dimensions you have chosen.

Vinyl carving


Afterwards, the excess parts are eliminated.

We eliminate the excess parts


In summary, therefore, the stickers have no background or borders between one letter and another, they are made only of the chosen color.

Result of the pre-spaced sticker