Newsletter deactivation

La disattivazione dalla newsletter sarà possibile sin dalla prima email ricevuta, nella parte inferiore della mail troverete un link per la disattivazione dalla newsletter.

You can also deactivate the newsletter from your account, under Information.



It is never possible to make a return as the products in the shop are not physically present in a warehouse, but are made at the moment according to the specific requests of the customers.


Creation of Stickers

The stickers are created with materials, colors and sizes similar to the originals, but not identical.
To purchase stickers equal to those on your vehicle, refer to your dealer. exonerates from any responsibility for the use that the Customer will make of it.

The images, trademarks and models that appear on these pages are the exclusive property of their respective manufacturers and are used for illustrative purposes only, to show our graphics and adhesives marketed (pursuant to art.21 L.10 / 02/2005, n.30).

It should also be noted that the article offers non-original reproductions of famous graphics, coats of arms and trademarks whose use is permitted for exclusively decorative and ornamental purposes. Any non-compliant use is prohibited by law and falls under the full responsibility of the purchaser. The products relating to trademarks and logos or graphics possibly covered by copyright (Law 633/1941) are made at the request of the buyer who, with the acceptance of the contract, expressly declares that he has the authorization for the use and reproduction of the required sticker and can only be purchased in single quantities.